Nov 10 2017

3Brain at the SfN Meeting in Washington, Nov 11-15 2017

3Brain attends the SfN’s 47th annual meeting, Neuroscience 2017, which is the world’s largest neuroscience conference for scientists and physicians devoted to understanding the brain and nervous system.

Nov 03 2017

3Brain GmbH becomes 3Brain AG and appoints new board of directors

3Brain, the leading Swiss brain-computer company, changes corporate structure to 3Brain AG by a capital increase and appoints executives from USA, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland.

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Aug 31 2017

SIF Meeting 2017

Jul 24 2017

The world first high-resolution multi-well Brain-on-chip product will drastically improve drug development in neurological disorders

The EU has granted CHF 1.7 million to the new project - 3BrainScreen -, which complements a Swiss project of CHF 1.5 million and will be coordinated by 3Brain, the Swiss brain-computer company

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May 27 2017

Alzheimer's disease on CHIP

Aβ-induced neuronal dysfunctions and rescue studies by using 3Brain's CMOS-MEAs

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May 17 2017

NeuroFrance Meeting 2017

Mar 07 2017

Unsupervised Spike Sorting for Large-Scale, High-Density Multielectrode Arrays

A method for automated spike sorting for recordings with high-density, large-scale multielectrode arrays

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Nov 01 2016

SFN Meeting

Visit our Booth (#430) at the SFN meeting in SanDiego

May 22 2016

ISDN Congress

We are at the ISDN congress in Antibes, France.

Mar 31 2016

Human neurons firing on-a-CMOS-MEA-chip

How human neural networks fire spiking activity and responds to electrical stimuli when they coupled to a dense multi-electrode arrays for up to 3 months

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Sep 01 2015

CTI Certification

3Brain has been awarded with the Swiss CTI Label

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